Smhaen Bobbin Holder Classic Midge

- Ceramic Tube
- Perfectly Balanced Weight
- Funnel For Easy Threading
- Fit For Different Spool Sizes
- Ergonomic Grips
- Perfect Hold In The Hand


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45.00 €

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The Smhaen Bobbin Holder Classic is a modern ergonomic, but still a classic fly tying bobbin holder, with a low weight. Whether you're a beginner or a professional fly tyer the bobbin holder delivers maximum thread control. The tension pressure on different spool sizes can be adjusted through a small bend on each leg. Thanks to the perfectly designed ergonomic frame shape, the bobbin holder fit into a lot of different fly tying hands. A ceramic tube, and the well balanced bobbin holder, gives you perfect smooth thread control.

The Smhaen Bobbin Holder Classic is in two different sizes. A regular size, in a red color, and a midge size in a blue color. The regular size, is perfect as an allround bobbin holder. If you are for the smaller flies nothing beat the blue midge bobbin, it is simply just perfect and born for this kind of tying.


Regular, Red - 12 Gram; 10 Cm; Spool Size L=2,4cm To 3,35cm; Spool Diameter Ø2,5cm.

Midge, Blue - 10 Gram; 8,7 Cm; Spool Size L=2,4cm To 3,35cm; Spool Diameter Ø2,5cm.

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