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Kebari (Ke-Hari) 毛鉤

27/Jan/2023 08:28:42 In Blog

Knotted Tapered Leader

04/Jan/2023 11:53:22 In Blog

Fly Display Boxes

12/Jan/2021 09:46:31 In Blog

SBS Red Quill - Art Flick's Fly

13/Nov/2020 11:17:52 In Blog

Theodore Gordon

06/Nov/2020 23:52:30 In Blog

The Mentor

06/Oct/2020 23:29:04 In Blog

Silk threads and flosses, the classic fly tier tools

15/Mar/2020 08:55:22 In Blog
L'enorme lavoro sul libro della Trilogia di Blacker portò alla scoperta di fili di seta e di seta floss all'avanguardia per legare le mosche di quel periodo...

Brook and River Trouting, Edmonds and Lee

06/Mar/2020 08:03:41 In Blog
How much history behind the simple flies of the North Country. Between silks, moorhens and Skues, a fundamental text in the library of every passionate angler..

Cortland on the hunt: the home team

28/Feb/2020 08:02:51 In Blog
Cortland Line Company has been on the scene in various forms for over 100 years. Founded by a businessman and avid angler named Ray Smith in 1915..

John Atherton, Monet and the Coq de Leòn

25/Mar/2020 17:40:24 In Blog
The American fly tier John Atherthon, in the mid-fifties of the last century, became known for his fly tying theories in which he combined his passion for fly..

Martie Chamois 98

01/Feb/2020 12:54:34 In Blog
We love simple flies, neat, clean and made with a limited number of materials. Simplicity is often the key to success..

The English chalk streams

14/Feb/2020 07:32:20 In Blog
The chalk streams occupy a large space on the bookshelf, but a small space on the ground, being more or less confined to the country of Hampshire in the south..

The Astorga Manuscript A.D. 1624

07/Feb/2020 07:20:10 In Blog
Questo libro parla di come guarnire e addobbare piume per pescare Trote, così inizia uno dei testi più misteriosi e importanti per la comprensione..

The North Country Method

31/Jan/2020 14:38:35 In Blog
A journey through spiders, soft hackles, antique books and northern trout to learn more about a method that has kept its effectiveness unchanged for centuries.

Professional fly tiers of the past

22/Feb/2020 09:17:57 In Blog
Le mani si muovevano veloci intorno a quell’uncino metallico, da parecchio tempo, forse ore. Con gesti sicuri disponevano, sete, fili colorati e fibre..

Silk fly line myth and reality

20/Nov/2019 12:34:22 In Blog
Talking about silk fly lines today makes you think of those old-time trout fishing stories, long cast, silent rivers, wild nature..

Two heads are better than one

15/Oct/2019 14:53:38 In Blog
The Cottarelli T-Rex vise really knows how to work in team and the two heads are not just an idea but the reality upon which the success of this vise has been..