Semperfli Prepared Wax

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Semperfli Prepared Fly Tyers Wax is a hard block wax, ideal for all dubbing applications. Tying with fine dubbings or other various sleepy fly tying materials is much easier, when adding a bit of wax to your tying thread. Perfect when you are dubbing on the thread directly, with the split thread technique, or in the loop. 

Semperfli Prepared Fly Tyers Wax is a true classic and its receipt has not changed at all over the years. Because of this it is very much appreciated by classic fly dressers who love to make old salmon flies and soft hackle flies as North Country spiders or other wets. A must have to tie flies in hands. Available also the black version Semperfli Cera Cobblers. A must have for the fly tiers who like to dress using the Ephemera Filo Pura Seta

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