Semperfli Perfect Shrimp Wool

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The Semperfli Perfect Shrimp Wool is just that, a stunning pink shrimp body with that cracking pink loved by grayling. Simply wrap around the hook and add a shellback or wrap the wool as the body, add Semperfli Straggle Legs then add the Semperfli Bug Shell Back Ultra Thin Skin for that stunning effect. The Semperfli Perfect Shrimp Wool is of high quality and is incredibly durable, each pack provides enough wool for plenty of flies.

The Semperfli series of wool includes four shades as the Semperfli Perfect Shrimp Wool, the Semperfli Oliver Edwards Rhyacophila Wool Substitute, the Semperfli Caddis Wool, and the Semperfli Chadwicks 477 Wool substitute.