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Poul Jorgensen Seal-Ex Dubbing

Paul Jorgensen Seal-Ex Dubbing is the seal substitute better than seal, originally available in twenty-seven superb colours. Paul Jorgensen Seal-Ex Dubbing is the optimal body material for nymphs, wet flies, caddis pupa, steelhead and salmon flies. Seal-Ex Dubbing is the ideal dubbing blend for book patterns written by Paul Jorgensen, in his books you will find many references to this fantastic material.

Seal's fur is a great looking dubbing, and it has a long history with fly tying. Poul Jorgensen has grown a myriad of supporters for his salmon and trout patterns, which have stood the test of time on rivers around the globe. Poul Jorgensen started his career with four books in the 1970s: Dressing Flies for Fresh and Salt Water, Salmon Flies, Modern Fly Dressings for the Practical Angler, Modern Trout Flies.

Attention, vintage material out of production for many years, now available only in some colors in very limited quantities.


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