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Phinix Fishing Gear Bag

- Made in Italy
- 100% Recycled Materials
- Light & Compact
- Water Resistent
- Every Bag is Unic
- Images May Differ From the Actual Product


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64.90 €

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The Phinix Fishing Gear Bags are carry-all bags, which can be used both as a bag for storing waders and boots or as a normal container for carrying equipment for a day of fishing. Ideal as a travel bag, very light and compact, excellent to store well folded in a suitcase for air travel, to be used as fishing bags once you reach your favorite lodge. Phinix Fishing Gear Bags are manufactured entirely from recycled waders and therefore their original material, waterproof and robust, is perfect for guaranteeing prolonged use and for adapting to the harshest conditions. No fear of getting them dirty, they wash easily.

These gear bags were born thanks to the collaboration with a well-known manufacturer of fishing waders with the desire to give new life to a product that had already completed its original path. They are entirely hand-sewn by an Italian association certified as an Ethical Company. The use of these completely recycled bags helps to limit the waste of resources and reduce the environmental impact, as well as it supports a social project.

Every bag is different just like the waders we transformed were different. Different models, colors and sizes. Don't expect perfection from these bags, love them for what they are. Their small flaws are the signs of time and use, just like wrinkles on our faces are there to tell us the stories they have lived.

Also the name that we have chosen for these products tells a story, Phinix, a word that combines the Greek letter Phi, symbol of eternal return, and the Phoenix, the mythological animal that is reborn from its own ashes. A Phinix gear bag is doing exactly this, gives and old and used product a second chance.

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