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New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool

- Easy to Make and Remove
- Adjustable
- Doesn't Spook Fish
- Knotless
- Super Sensitive
- 100% Pure, Natural, Bio-Degradable NZ Wool


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21.90 €

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The New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool is a very handy gadget to help you realize in a very fast way a NZ Indicator. Easy to carry with your vest or pack accessories thanks to its ring, holds tubing pieces to realize indicators. The pack contains a Tool Needle, 30 cm of Tubing and 2 samples of NZ Wool to be ready for fishing the water.

The New Zealand Strike Indicator System is an innoavtive and yet natural and eco-sustenaible strike system that allows you to adjust, set and remove your indicator with ease.

The system is really easy and consists of 2 parts:

The New Zealand Wool Yarn:100% Natural and Bio-Degradable New zealand Wool that has natural fiber with perfect strike indicator properties, great floating capacity, and that develops very delicate and subtle presentation when casted.

The New Zealand Tubing: a super high quality tubing for holding in place the Wool Yarn and for positioning the indicator gripping on the leader. It doesn’t fear cold or hot weather and doesn’t burn or damage the leader and most importantly is reusable.

For those particular reason and efficency with no competitor, the New Zealand Strike Indicator System is world famous and one of the most appreciated indicator on the market. Be able to detect even the most delicate take and increase your catching chance. Use it with confidence and send us your trophy once you get it!

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