Palmer Hand Vise

- Handheld Vise
- Steel Sanded Jaws
- Handy Design
- 90gr

Ref.: HC-PV

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159.00 €

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The Palmer is the ultimate Handheld Fly Tying Vise.

You’re going to be able to tie anywhere, anytime. Because of the compact size and ultralight design of this vise travels conveniently with you, even in your pocket, wherever you go. The Palmer sits neatly in your hand and gives you freedom to tie precisely and comfortably. It gaves you the possibility to be always ready to tie flies, wherever you’re on the river, in a pub drinking your beer with friends or at home just chilling on your sofa.

The Palmer is an handy vise, literally!

Really simple and yet sophisticated and hergonomically studied on tying movements and necessities! The jaws are made out of a beautiful sanded steel, and the modern handle is anodised aluminum. It has a really toughtfull detail at the end of the handle, a material spring to hold in place thread, flosses to tie more confortably or just decide to stop in the process and leave the fly unfinished as it is to start again from there another time. Figuratively is like pressing “save project” on something you’re working on.

The Palmer is a featherweight champion with its only 90 grams.

Designed and made in Finland.

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