Ewing Half Saddle

- Streamer Saddle
- Grade 1
- Hackles Max Length 15-25 cm
- Made in USA


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There are several important attributes on a fine cape, the absence of web, the strength of the barb, the stiffness, their length and count, but above all, the most important of consideration is the quill. A good, fine and flexible quill is the most valuable ally of the dry fly enthusiastEwing Rooster Capes features all of these properties. Ewing Rooster Capes are available in many solid, grizzly and bleached grizzly beautiful colours.

Ewing Rooster Capes, with their extra fine quills allow for a perfect wrapping of the hackle, whether you tie classic Catskill style dry flies or modern parachutesEwing Rooster Capes have lots of feathers in the right size range to tie every sort of dry flies, from big Variants and Skaters to tiny midges. Finding feathers for tailing is not a problem anymore, plenty of long, good and stiff tails can be tied on.