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Ewing Half Saddle

- Streamer Saddle
- Grade 1
- Hackles Max Length 15-25 cm
- Made in USA


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36.90 €

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If you are looking for a top quality rooster saddle cape, you need to pay attention to several qualities: No fluffy stuff, strong and stiff fibers, long defined feathers, and most of all thin and soft quills. That is why Ewing Saddles and Ewing Half Saddles are just the perfect match for every streamer pattern, from buggers, to flatwings, seatrout flies, salmonflies, predator or saltwater flies. Those feathers are available in various classic and modern colors: solid, bleached, grizzly and grizzly bleached.

Ewing Saddles and Ewing Half Saddles are definitely the best choice for tying large streamer patterns. Those feathers belongs to the rooster saddle section, a specific portion between their wings, selected from the bottom of the neck and the first tail part. Those saddle feathers quills are thinner and more flexible than regular necks feathers. Their thin-diameter fiber fieathers are also very dense, a real deal for the overall movement of flies you’re going to tie with.

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