Bauer Premium Nayat XL

- Extra Long Natural Fibers
- Soft and yet Tenacious
- Effortless Volume


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Also knowed as "Arctic Runner" fur, Nayat is definitely one of the most exciting natural material for tying streamers. Bucktail-like but still soft guard fibers, fluffy and long underfur makes it the perfect mach for all kind of predator flies.

Works really well paired with NMF Titan Dubbing and it is a real deal when tied down bulk reverse style with some Bucktail or filler Semper Flash under it.

The Zonker is a consolidated streamer, simple to tie, very captivating. Once immersed in water it comes to life thanks to arctic fox fibres, very mobile, animated by the current and by the fishing action. Excellent for both sea and fresh water. By varying the colours it is possible to obtain shades that allow you to face any fishing situation.

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