Fishing The Morning Lonely

- Author George Mendoza
- Publisher Freshet Press
- Year 1974
- First Edition
- Excellent Condition
- Hardcover with Dust Wrapper
- Language English
- Pages 96
- Size cm 24 x 15
- ISBN 0883950294

Ref.: 0883950294

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Fishing The Morning Lonely by George Mendoza is a song, a high song to the wilderness of boyhood, to the winding brooks and streams of youth. It is a song, rippling our to dreams and to the soarings of desire to be more than a man, a poet.

The man is George Mendoza. The poet is George Mendoza. The fisher of trout is George Mendoza. And it is George Mendoza who asks of himself the simple question: How far away from myself am I? where is the song you once heard, young man, when the world held our horns and you could reach into the heavens and peal Jupiter?

Poet, novelist, writer of screenplays, television programs and books for children, George Mendoza has covered more territory at thirty-six than most authors will have covered in a lifetime, and with a good deal more style. For whether poetry or prose, serious or silly, each work bespeaks Mendoza's almost phenomenal energy, imagination, ambition and talent.

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