Bright Rivers

- Author Nick Lyons
- Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company
- Year 1977
- First Edition
- Excellent Condition
- Hardcover with Dust Wrapper
- Pages 166
- Size cm 22 x 16
- ISBN 9788889468166

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Rarely have the delights and mysteries of trout fishing and of moving water been evoked more tellingly than in Bright Rivers. Recounting pilgrimages near and far to the Delaware, the Beaverkill, the Schoharie, the Madison, and the Big Hole, Nick Lyons explores a passion for angling that draws him ever closer to the seamless web of life in rivers.

He is a city-dweller and never forgets that cities are part of the complex and inexorable reality of moder life; but he is also, in Ed Zern's phrase, that happy and compulsive combination of angler-poet-romantic, and rivers not only touch his heart and imagination but provide a vital link to the natural world.

Bright Rivers chronicles the author's passion. He tells of experiences shared with angling friends some moving, some hilarious and shares reminiscences of big trout taken released, or, sometimes, lost. Because Nick Lyons is an admitted master of frustration and may well have written more about not catching fish than anyone else. From a long, richly textured diary of a summer in the Catskills to some extraordinary recollections of his beloved Montana. Nick Lyon's writing is the stuff of which dreams and summer hopes are made.

Bright Rivers is entertaining, discerning, and highly instructive; it enriches the passionate angler in all of us and finds enduring links between the cold, grey isolation of the city and the bright quick life of rivers.

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