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Like a shop of the past. There are two shops of the past that fuelled our dreams of flies and fly fishing, Jim Deren's Angler’s Roost in New York, during the golden age of American fly fishing, and the exclusive shop of William Blacker located at 54 of Dean Street in the London of mid-nineteenth century. We took inspiration from Jim's wisdom and practicality and from William's quality and perfection. In fact, old Bill even inspired the name of this small shop. Even if you don't walk the streets of New York or London, here you will find the same idea, you will not lose yourself among thousands of products but you will see those we have chosen for you, safe, reliable and fair products. If you wish, you can also contact us to ask for our advice. Jim and William would never have refused this to anyone, and so would we.

When you enter our small shop, at 54 Dean Street, you already know what awaits you, you know you will find a place where classic and modern coexist, where alongside the most modern and innovative materials there will also be those rare and of antique taste. You also know that every time you enter, a small trip will start for you.

Behind all this there are not only bits and pixels but a beating heart, indeed, many hearts. Those of our team members, each with his extraordinary experience, each with an excellence achieved on the field, and above all an expertise totally at your disposal. To say that we are driven by passion would seem obvious, but it is true, we are a group of enthusiasts who try to turn their dreams into reality and turn them into yours every day. We love beauty in fly fishing and we do our best to transfer it to every product we propose and in the services we offer you. We want to make your fly fishing and fly tying experience the masterpiece of your life.


Alberto Calzolari

Marco Terzani

Umberto Oreglini

Antonio Piscione

Massimo Matteuzzi

Roberto Miceli

Valerio Santi Amantini