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Petitjean Swiss Vise Master

- Moulinet d'Or 2007
- Efttex 2008
- Cordura Zipped Padded Travel Case
- 5 Tube Fly Mandrels
- 623 Grams
- Made in Switzerland

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772.00 €

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The Petitjean Swiss Vise Master is not only one of the most amazing fly tying vise created in the history, it is the quintessence of perfection and design, that brought Marc Petitjean to be honoured with both prizes of Moulinet d'Or 2007 and EFTTEX 2008. As well as a high capacity regular C-clamp, the stem and the special looking nut allows extension arm positions with various angles. It can be a pedestal table as well.

The Petitjean Swiss Vise Master is delivered with Cordura zipped padded travel case, five mandrels for tube flies, one centring gauge, instruction manual, access to instructions in online video in English, French and German languages. If features an incredible relationship between firmness and light weight, especially for so many performances, it weights only 623 grams. Made in Switzerland.

The Petitjean Station Swiss Vise Master can be added for extra weight and better organisation, when using the pedestal modality. A full range of optional useful and design accessories complete the system as the Petitjean Daylight Lamp Regular, the Petitjean Daylight Lamp Tool Rack, the Petitjean Gallow System, the Petitjean Tool Rack, the Petitjean Trash Bin, the Petitjean Profile Plate, the Petitjean Bobbin Rest, the Petitjean Accessories Support.

Moreover, it has been conceived a fine set of fly tying bags to hold safely all the Petitjean jewels, as vise, tools and materials, both when you are travelling to remote fishing destination, or just if you desire to protect and carefully organise the all system on your tying bench. It is available a Petitjean Fly Tying Bag Complete Set. Or, the single parts can be purchased separately, to let the fly tier create a customised bag set, as Petitjean Soft Case, the Petitjean Large Pocket, the Petitjean Long Pocket, the Petitjean Small Pocket.

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