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Sprite Living Nymph

- Packs of 50
- Bronze Finish
- Straight Eye
- Sizes # 10, 12, 14, 16, 18


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9.00 €

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The Sprite Living Nymph is a bronze straight eye featuring a Yorkshire bend. It is a 3X long, standard wire pattern ideal to tie large nymphs like stone flies but also large dry fly as stimulators or other attractors.

The Stimulator dry fly is a go-to attractor dry fly, particularly when you're dry fly fishing during a big stone fly hatch. This dry fly sits up high in the water, even in faster current. Its bugginess also makes the stimulator one of the very best dry flies to use as an attractor dry fly pattern prospecting for trout when there is no hatch.

In 2013 Sprite Hooks was acquired by Partridge of Redditch. Sprite has had a history of making quality hooks and Partridge has continued that tradition with the Sprite brand. Sprite Hooks embody heritage, properties and attention to detail as the finest hooks around, just as they have for almost half a century. Affordable hooks made in the most useful patterns and sizes. 

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