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The spool # 0/1 Euro Nymph, on the one hand, in Ultra Large Arbor (ULA) design has an enormous inner diameter of 75 mm. This reduces the line capacity, but ultra-thin fly lines with a diameter of 0.55 mm or pure monofilament lines, as used in euro nymphing, can easily fit on this spool.
The spool arbor of the spool # 2/5 Classic Fly, on the other hand, has an inner diameter of 60 mm, which is still considerable, corresponds to a Super Large Arbor (SLA) design and accordingly also offers the aforementioned advantages of extra-large spool cores. This spool has a line capacity up to line class WF #5 including sufficient backing. With this spool option, the Fly Reel HotFly Euro Fly Pro # 0/1 is ideally suited for classic fly fishing with dry flies, nymphs and light streamers.

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