Pêche à Soie Tenkara Silk Level Line

- Pure Silk
- 6 Meters Long
- Adjustable Lenght
- Looped on One Side
- Simple Connection to the Ilian
- Grease Included
- Made in France

Ref.: SP/TKR/6M/633SP

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35.00 €

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Silk, a magic word that by itself evokes oriental atmospheres. If a Tenkara braided line is made with that same silk then the game is done !!! The feelings you can get by using this product are absolutely amazing: something that once you try it you can't go back.

This 6 meters long Tenkara line is made of the purest silk thread (filament silk Grade 5A) and it can be cut to the length you prefer. It comes complete with a loop to attach the tippet with a loop to loop connection and a practical pack of grease with which to waterproof the last few centimeters of line (preferably the night before, or directly on the river).

It is advisable, after use, given the naturalness of the material, not to close it in boxes or containers but to let it air dry"

TKR silk line developped and produced in France and approved in fishing situation by :

Aldo Menghini Certified Tenkara Guide

Davide Zarlenga from Piacere Tenkara

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