Solarez UV Resin Thick-Hard Glow in Dark

- No mixing necessary
- No tacky finish that needs to be wiped off with alcohol like other -products
- Non-yellowing
- Thick viscosity
- UV-Cure
- Glossy, hard finish
- Glow in the Dark
- Made in USA


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Solarez UV Resin Glow in the Dark is a solid and very viscous UV resin for making thick coatings or spheres-bodies, streamer eyes
 and heads. Perfect viscous formula for nymphs, perdigones, streamers, saltwater flies, hucho flies. It glows in the dark for enhanced night fishing. Glows intensely at night, especially if irradiated with our Solarez UV Flashlight for few seconds.

Solarez UV Resin Glow in the Dark is a high density UV resin, ideal when thickness is needed. Available in 2oz (59 ml) bottle. Very easy to apply with the help of a needle or with the dedicated Solarez Syringe-Cap Applicator designed for the most demanding professional fly dresser. The viscosity can vary if slightly exposed to changes of temperature.

Indications of use: gently apply Solarez UV Resin Glow in the Dark if possible without direct exposure to light. Shoot with appropriate UV light for no more than twenty seconds. Wait few moments and then irradiate again to complete the curing process with 30 full seconds UV light or sunlight. This skill will reduce overheating, odors or constriction.

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