Semperfli True Peccary Quills

- 1 & 0,4 Millimeters Maximum Width
- Number in Pack 25
- Length 10 Centimetres


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These Semperfli True Peccary Quills are incredible synthetic peccary quills substitute, designed for small and medium flies. Characterised by the interspersed white, brown and dark brown colours and by transition bands between the colours, the Semperfli True Peccary Quills are an incredible substitute of the natural scarse original material. Available in two sizes 0.4 Millimetres and 1 Millimetre wide, with a taper at the start, these will enable you to create peccary fly bodies in a very easy way. To make indestructible flies try to coat them with a UV resin as the Solarez Bone Dry Ultra Thin.