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Semperfli Mopster Mop Chenille

- Width 6mm
- Length 3m


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6.30 €

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Mop Flies have been proving deadly in reservoirs, managed fisheries and the wild. At Semperfli they looked at the Mop Fly and decided to upgrade it to make the Mop Fly even more deadly and created the Mopster Chenille. They measured the diameter of a range of mops to work out a consistent size then created an entirely new chenille with multicolored guard hair tinsels protruding from the chenille.

With Mopster Chenille the tinsel provides mobility and additional attraction in the water but make the mop fly look astounding. Dyed in Semperfli standard color palette Mopster Chenille is available in a color range never seen by any fly tyer stealing their household mops to make flies. From Fluoro colors to Adams and Tan, Mopster Chenille is the future of the Mop Fly.

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