Semperfli Picric Hare Mask

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The Semperfli Picric Hare Mask, of English origin, is used mainly for the dressing of bodies of nymphs and emergers. The hair of the ears and forehead, more bristly, is excellent for the tying of the thorax, while that of the cheeks, softer, is indicated for the dressing of bodies. It is possible to use it both in tufts and in the form of dubbing, also with a loop technique. It is a material particularly suitable for mixing with others, especially with synthetic fibres that can add shine.

Dyed with Semperfli Picric Acid, with an ancient receipt. To shape the Semperfli Picric Hare Mask hair and give it the desired form, it is advisable to use suitable, robust and very precise scissors, such as the Kopter Ultimate Scissors.