Kapok Dubbing Full Selection Dispenser

- Lightest Natural Fiber in The World
- Highly Water Repellent
- Perfect for Dry Flies
- Perfectly Dyed
- 22 Colors

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48.90 €

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Kapok is the  lightest natural fiber in the world, its fibers are hollow,  incorporate air and are highly  water repellent. This makes it undoubtedly one of the best materials for tying  Dry Flies. Widespread for many years among fly tiers all over the world, Kapok due to its water repellency is not at all easy to dye.  Semperfli with its ability and experience has managed to create a wide range of perfectly dyed colors, which can be purchased individually or in practical selections.

Kapok Dubbing Full Selection is the perfect choice for those who want to cover every fly tying situation, 22 colors that permit to imitate every kind of insect.

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