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Gear Keeper Micro Retractor Stud

Mounting System - Stainless Steel Threaded Stud Mount
End Type - Quick-connect I (Qc-i)
Inc. Accessoires - Qc-i Male W/ 1,6 Cm Split Ring
Line Type - Spectra/nylon Line
Extension - 91 Cm (36 Inch)
Force - 70 Gram (2.5-oz)
Breaking Strength - 18 Kg (40-lb)
Color - Black
Made In Usa

Ref.: RT5-2102

18.25 € 18.25 EUR

18.25 €

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The Gear Keeper Micro Retractor Stud is a small/light package, strong 18 kg break-strength, long 91 cm (36") extension, with a 70 gram (2.5 oz) retraction force that handles both nippers and forceps. 91 cm (36") length allows full arm extension. Super strong Spectra / nylon line. Solid, reliable threaded stud mounting system with disconnectable gear end. For use with nippers, forceps and other small fly fishing tools.

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