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Restube Automatic Red

- Full Restube Function
- Inflates With Water Contact
- Also Inflatable by Pulling the Trigger
- Buoyancy 75N (~7.5kg)
- Buoy Length 65cm
- Buoy Diameter 13cm
- Inflatable Also With Mouth Valve
- Easy to Repack
- Horizontally and Vertically Mountable
- Compatible With the RESTUBE READY Products
- Carriable it by Drone (From 900g Payload)

Ref.: RT-00901-R

99.95 € 99.95 EUR

99.95 €

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For first responders & drones.
It is that compact, lightweight and robust and can be placed always ready at hand. If on a motorbike, a car, on board, attached to a drone or worn. To provide first help it can be thrown to another person. For a drone there are two use cases: First - the flotation can be carried directly to a person with a Restube automatic drop or lay system. Second - the system can be attached to a drone to keep a crashed drone afloat for recovery. Restube automatic is reusable by screwing in a new original 16g CO2 cartridge and the water activator. You can get both in a set.

Restube is available in many different version, Restube Beach for recreation & family, Restube Active Icemint and Restube Active Black-Icemint for all-round & athletic use, Restube Extreme Azure-Blue and Restube Extreme Black-Lime for rough conditions, Restube PDF CE certified buoyancy aid, Restube Automatic for first responders & drones and Restube Lifeguard for professional water rescue.

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