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Restube Case Set 2

- 2 x Restube Lifeguard
- 12 x CO2 Cartridge (16g)
- 1x Transport Case
- Dimensions: 26cm x 24cm x 12cm
- Weight: 2.64 kg
- Incl. 3-Year Warranty


399.95 € 399.95 EUR

399.95 €

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For professional water rescue.

The Restube Case 2 includes two Restube Lifeguards including replacement components for 12 applications. Restube Lifeguard is a manually releasable buoy with 75N, which has a complete pulling system and 2 kinks, so that it can be easily placed around the body of the person to stabilize the body with carabiners and eyelets. Lifeguards all over the world use Restube Lifeguard successfully in their daily duty - for current rescue, as an add-on for emergency vehicles or for patrols.

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