Perfect Agate Guides Nickel Silver

Nickel Silver Finishing
Classic Flat Model
External Diameter 9mm
Internal Diameter 4mm


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25.00 €

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The Perfect Nickel Silver Agate Guides are the only ones handmade in Europe, handcrafted by hand with natural agate and nickel silver rings, entirely soldered, actually brazed, with use of hard silver solder. They are ideal for rod-makers, to build classic and artisanal fly fishing rods, but also for spinning or carp fishing.

The Perfect Nickel Silver Agate Guides are realised with the highest quality and a very high level of finishes, so as not to consider any additional treatment to the rod manufacturer. Available with or blued blued finishing. Just place them and wrap them with the Ephemera Pure Silk Thread, or with the vintage Gudebrod Silk Thread 00.