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Pêche à Soie Silk Line ST

- Silk Line ST Single Taper
- 15 Meters
- Honey Color
- Grease Included 10 Grams Pack
- Wooden Box
- Made in France


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71.65 €

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Silk Line ST Single Taper measures 15 meters and can be considered a half line, outfitted with one loop on the tip side. Silk Line ST Single Taper was thought for all types of fly fishing, small streams and rivers. A natural silk line is thinner than a common synthetic line because of the greater specific weight, it cuts the air better, it is more tactful allowing delicate poses, and has no memory at all.

Silk Line ST Single Taper
is manufactured in France with 100% natural silk as it was made at the beginning of the century, by the historical embroidery Au Ver a Soie, located in Paris. Silk Line ST Single Taper is coated with a mix of various components and is now pre-runned in. Silk Line ST Single Taper comes vacuum protected in a wooden box with a pack of 10 grams grease included.

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