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Partridge Salmon Waddington Shank

- Stainless Steel
- Up-Eye
- Size 15, 25, 35, 45, 55mm
- Size 55mm in Black
- Packs of 20 Waddington
- Packs of 25 Waddington only 55mm Black


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5.40 €

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Partridge Salmon Waddington Shank Up-eye features a double loop, for Waddington-type models and Stinger-type patterns, to be combined with triple hooks. Very light although made in stainless steel. The advantage offered by the Waddington Shanks is that they can build a large fly without using a big hook. The Waddington Shanks allow you to mount the desired hook behind the fly and to choose it when the fishing action takes place, a style appreciated by many salmon and steelhead anglers. The ideal match with Partridge Salmon Stinger Treble Silver, with the classic Partridge Salmon X1 Classic Treble, with the Partridge Salmon Long Shank Outpoint Treble, with the Partridge Salmon O'Shaughnessy Nordic Treble and also with the Partridge Salmon Round Treble.

Partridge of Redditch is originally from Redditch in central England, production was based in Mount Pleasant. The history of the origins of the Partridge of Redditch has remained partially obscure. We know that the company was established on the basis of previous production experiences, shortly after the end of the 19th century, but nobody knows the exact year of the foundation. Partridge of Redditch is named after its founder, Albert Partridge. Albert then left the company to his son Ted, who in turn sold the company to Alan Bramley in 1970, since none of his children was interested in detecting it. Alan Bramley further developed the company and in 1970 extended the production to the precious and exclusive bamboo rod.

At the same time, it continued to develop and improve hook production. Thanks to him, Partridge of Redditch has become a universally recognized brand of fishing hooks. The last chapter in the history of Partridge of Redditch was started in 1996. The historic Norwegian producer O. Mustad & Son acquired the Partridge of Redditch from Alan Bramley. Later in the 2000s, Partridge of Redditch returned home to the United Kingdom, thanks to the British entrepreneur Mark Hamnet, who since then and until today continues to develop new models and preserve the tradition, keeping the prestige of the historic brand.

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