Partridge Dry Lightweight

- Packs of 25
- Captain Hamilton Bend
- Bronze finish
- Down Eye
- Sizes: # 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20


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Partridge Heritage Dry Lightweight hooks have been produced exclusively for House of Hardy for many years. Being 4X fine wire with forged Captain Hamilton bend and a wide gape, this is the ideal pattern for fine dry classic flies. Partridge Heritage Dry Lightweight hooks perfectly feature the needs of old classic dry flies. Nowadays discontinued, rare item for vintage market.

Partridge of Redditch originates from Redditch in Central England where the manufacturing was based in Mount Pleasant. The early history of Partridge of Redditch is somewhat arcane. We know that the company was established on the basis of existing hook manufacturing shortly after the turn of the past century, but no one knows the exact year  any longer. Partridge of Redditch take the name of it’s founder, Albert Partridge. He bequeathed the firm to his son Ted, who in turn sold the company to Alan Bramley in 1970, when none of his children were interested in taking over the company. Alan Bramley further developed the company, and in the 1970s he extended the production to include unique bamboo split cane rods as well as enduring to develop and improve hook construction. Due to him Partridge of Redditch has become an universally renowned fish hook brand. The last chapter of the history of Partridge of Redditch was initiated in 1996. Then the Norwegian hook manufacturer O. Mustad & Son acquired Partridge of Redditch from Alan Bramley. And later over the course of the 2000s Partridge of Redditch was back home in the UK by Mark Hamnet, who until now is running the company, keep following to develp new models and holding high the prestigious tradition.