Kopter Flies Needle

- Ergonomic Fly Tying Needle
- High Quality Sandblasted Stainless Steel
- Fine Tip
- High Precision
- Hand Finished
- Made in Italy

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First principle, simplicity. Of each particular thing ask what is it in itself, what is its nature. (M. Aurelius) We are glad to present a brand new tool from the best quality fly tying tool company, Kopter Flies, the Kopter Flies Needle. You might think this is just a fly tying bodkin, a normal needle. Yes, it is, this is how a tying needle should be done, simple, essential, yet sturdy, stable and made to last, with its hexagonal shape that blends in a perfect conical point.

The new Kopter Flies Needle is High quality sandblasted stainless steel, finished by hand and 100% made in Italy! You can use the very fine tip like a needle and in the same time, thanks to its taper, you can use it to modelling the gut loop for classic salmon flies. A very simple tool but with a big potential! Kopter Flies, quality fly tying tools, made in Italy.