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Ghibli Rod 7'6'' #3

- 7'6'' #3 Dt Line
- Fast Action
- Designed in Italy

Ref.: MM-GR-7633

290.00 € 290.0 EUR

290.00 €

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One of the best rods for the Italian Casting Style available on the market today, produced in three pieces to better maintain the right rod curve. Designed by Massimo Magliocco, a true expert in the design of fly rods and an internationally recognized casting and fishing instructor, the Ghibli 7'6'' #3 has found the favor of those fishermen who who prefer speed casting but also with those who love the classic casting style since it has a "true" progressive curve which gives the rod the right flex in relation to the load (quantity of line outside the tip) which gradually occurs during the cast, making sure that the structure of the rod (shape of the curve ) is always appropriate to the needs of the moment. The rod is sold with a spare tip included.

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