Italian Deeds and Misdeeds

- Author Alberto Calzolari
- Publisher Fly Line Edizioni
- First Edition
- Signed by the Author
- Mint New Condition
- Color Paperback with Flaps
- B/w illustrations
- Language English
- Pages 144
- Size cm 15 x 21
- ISBN 9788889468173


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14.00 €

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They still smell of fresh ink, the pages shine, the first copies of Italian Deeds and Misdeeds by Alberto Calzolari are right here in front of me. The stories that are hidden in these pages are stories of fly anglers, stories and portraits of human nature rather than aquatic prey. And a journey through the facts and misdeeds of Italian fly fishermen, the author is a simple storyteller of their lives.

He does not play the guitar and he is not even a singer, he will only use his pen to guide you through paths in and out of the water, many times simply around a table of festive friends. He poked around in their habits and in their lives, although often it was just a look in a mirror.

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