Ghibli Modular Tapered Leader

- Freshwater Leader
- Clear Nylon
- Three Measures
- Front Micro Loop
- Designed by Massimo Magliocco


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The Ghibli Modular Tapered Leader was made specifically for Dry Fly fishing. Being perhaps the most important element of the equipment, it respects some fundamental characteristics, the first is certainly the length inversely proportional to the dredge control. Made with an excellent quality nylon, it is soft, supple and free of memory after a light stretch. It is divided into Power, Taper and Tip, which is not included to give freedom of choice in diameter and length, depending on the size of the fly or the fishing environment in which it is used; it is structured following very precise percentages between Power, Conicity and tip, to allow, according to the needs, to stretch it, bend it, group it, mending it etc.
It features with a Micro Perfection Loop, to which the chosen Tip must be tied, allowing easy replacement if damaged by the fishing action, or due to shortening with fly replacements, without thus unbalancing the total equilibrium of this leader.

If you may need to consider a nylon tippet we were really pleased using the Cortland Copolymer Nylon Tippet.

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