Filson 1970's Logger Thermal Sock

- High Wool Content for Warmth
- Contoured Rib Top Keeps Sock Up
- Smooth Flat Toe Seam Minimizes Rubbing
- High Cushioning for Shock Absorption and Warmth
- Wool Insulate Even if Wet
- Elastic Ribbing in the Cuff and Leg Provide a Relax
- Made in USA


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40.00 €

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The Filson 1970's Logger Thermal Sock are a heavy-weight boot sock with thermal insulation to keep feet warm in frigid temperatures. Fabric is 50% Merino Wool + 30% Wool + 10% Stretch Nylon + 9% Acrylic + 1% Spandex. There is a high wool content for warmth, wool will continue to insulate even if wet. Made in USA.

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