Fabio Bargi TLT Leader

- Tapered Leader
- Customizable Lenght
- For TLT Casting Style
- Designed in Italy


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1) Add about 60 cm of 0,16 nylon.

2) Prepare a tip of 130/150 cm of 0,14 nylon or a bit more than 1 meter if you use size 0,14. The correct length of this part, in relation with the size of the fly, can be calculated considering how the last 30/40 cm of tip conform on the water close to the fly itself. 

Tie the nylon pieces with the knot illustrated in the sketch.  

Regular: the leader described here above, at the end of the cast the tip shapes a very tight loop, almost wedge shaped, with a number of tiny curls. Ideal for those water tendentially linear for conformations and speed. 

Strangled: it has almost the same power, a shorter addition of nylon and a longer tip that will shape in a half moon. Ideal for waters from fast to very fast.

Unbalanced: ideal for chalk streams. Same power but with a much longer point. This imbalance depends on the chalk streams currents which vary over longer lengths. The tip should form lot of curls of bigger sizes compared with the Regular.

Taken from: "Magie sull'acqua" By Roberto Pragliola

Ulrico Hoepli Editore S.p.A. 2008

Chapter 12 Plasmato in acqua e in aria.

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