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Dry Fly Polyyarn General Dry Fly Collection

- 10 Spools
- Spooled Dubbing Blend
- Quick and Easy to Use
- 36 Metres per Spool
- Floating


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Dry Fly Polyyarn is mix of polyyarn fibers bonded using the "dubbing on a rope" technique from Semperfli. Its tight and fibrous kind of structure makes it ideal for building bodies on dry flies. Dry Fly Polyyarn is really durable and easy to taper to a point by simply heating and create perfect conic bodies on your flies will be easier than ever. Being part of the "dubbing on a rope" range is also really easy to use for beginners and experienced tyers. With a very specific gravity/density of 0.91g/cm3 polypropylene yarn including Dry Fly Polyyarn is lighter than water which means that it has excellent floating capacities making it ideal for dry flies applications. 

If this product isn't enough for your dryfly mind, Semperfli makes two different versions of polyyarn, the original Semperfli Polyyarn that comes on cards and is suitable for parachute posts and dubbing wings and Dry Fly Polyyarn, which is a spool based product intended for bodies of flies or to create detached bodies.

The color choices has both solid colors and blended mixed colors, inspired to natural pastel shades and insects lifecycles like this very specific one containing 10 different spools inspired to the caddisfly cycle.

In the fly tying material market, Doug Swisher and Carl Richards made the first mention of poly fibre in their book entitled Selective Trout. They felt its specific gravity was extremely important for dry flies. It is a consideration that has been debated many times, and may or may not be true. We fully agree with them, no matter what others would say, but remember our words very well now: poly yarn tied on a hook has to be treated with a high quality floatant or the fly will sink easily when the poly catch water and the extra weight will pull a fly down rather quickly. Poly Yarn absorbs water extremely well so it also will absorbs a floatant real good what also easily makes it water resistant too.

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