Cottarelli Standard Shuttle Vise Rego

- Adjustable Shuttle Head
- C-Clamp
- Adjustable Jaws
- Hex Key Included
- Travel Box Included
- Made in Italy


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299.00 €

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Cottarelli Standard Shuttle Vise Rego, complete with C-Clamp, is equipped with jaws with adjustable tension to ensure a perfect seal, both on midge hooks and large predators or sea hooks. Cottarelli Standard Shuttle Vise Rego is the ideal solution for tying both at home and on the table of a fishing lodge. Perfect for all types of flies, small and medium trout and grayling, dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and streamers.

The Cottarelli Standard Shuttle Vise Rego is the last of the series to have been conceived, an extraordinary and futuristic object of design that recalls the shapes of the famous spaceship. Friction system for micro-metric adjustment of the rotation. Accessories included in the Cottarelli Standard Shuttle Vise Rego: hexagonal key with handmade knob. A comfortable and sturdy travel case with textured foam is also included.

It is possibile to add to the Cottarelli Standard Shuttle Vise Rego the following optional accessories: Cottarelli Bobbing HangerCottarelli Back Drop Plate, Cottarelli Parachute ToolCottarelli Tool BarCottarelli InkwellCottarelli Ring Drops Waste BagCottarelli Lamp Holder.

Also, it is possibile to transform the Cottarelli Standard Shuttle Vise Rego in a T-Rex version, in order to tie salmon flies with handmade hooks, replacing the Shuttle Jaws supplied with a Cottarelli T-Rex Fork and adding two Cottarelli T-Rex Head.

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