Cortland Line 444 Modern Trout Green

- Freshwater
- Floating
- Weight Forward
- 90ft
- Braided Nylon Multifilament
- Stealthy Moss Green
- All Purpose Aggressive Taper
- Front Welded Loop


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59.95 €

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This Cortland Line 444 Modern Trout has been designed having in mind a classic profile with a modern twist, to match the modern angler’s requirement in terms of line speed, total control of the line carried in air and accuracy in presenting the fly to the target.

The new Modern Trout is a real all-round fly line, delivering outstanding overhead casting and excelling in all waterborne casts, specifically Switch cast with single hand fly rods. The long rear taper works in combination with belly and front taper to assure a smooth energy transition down to the leader.

This fly line is a real pleasure to cast, allowing to reach easily the fishing distance with a minimum effort. Choose the bright orange option for demo sessions or turbid waters, while the green color is the choice-to-go for stealthy approach to educated fishes.