Cherie B Spool Carbon/Silver/Black

- Spare Spool
- For Line #2, #3, #4
- Aluminum Ergal 7075
- Colour Carbon/Silver/Black
- Made in Italy

Ref.: CHB2020/5-carb-black

480.00 € 480.0 EUR

480.00 €

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Cherie B 2020 reel series includes the possibility to purchase additional spools. There are various colours available such as the Cherie B Spool Green/Black and the Cherie B Spool Gold/Red, that having a standard size, could be mounted on every Cherie B 2020 reel. On the reel spool there are two tiny holes, in order to facilitate and keeping clean the fixing of the backing to the spool itself. The Cortland Micron Backing can be considered the perfect match for that. The additional spools do not carry a serial number.

Warning! The internal mechanisms do not need any maintenance. Never use oil. Oil could damage proper operation. Occasionally, you can gently clean with rag or paper.

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