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Calzolari Blacker Shannon #9

- Tied in Hand
- Hand Made Blued Hooks
- Original Materials
- Tied Upon Order
- 2 to 3 Weeks Waiting Time

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These 12 original Blacker’s Salmon Flies for the Shannon patterns were the most sophisticated salmon flies ever described on paper back in 1843, the year William Blacker published his famous Art of Fly Making. An amazing set of flies all dressed by Alberto Calzolari still using the antique method of tying in the hand without the use of vise and bobbin and using only pure silk tying threads and Alberto’s own recipe of cobbler wax and varnish. Each fly is tied with original and antique materials, with pure silk floss and carefully dyed genuine pig’s wool for the bodies, antique tinsels and selected genuine feathers. Flies are dressed on hand made blued hooks with real twisted gut strands and are displayed in a protective plastic box with a reproduction of Blacker’s business card and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. These are the closest possible reproductions of the authentic flies. 

William Blacker was a genius of his times and probably the most talented fly tier ever lived but he ended as a ghost of the past until the publishing of The Blacker Trilogy. Alberto has tied well over 500 Blacker flies in hand for the first three volumes, for the De Luxe editions and for the 4th volume to be released in the future, and his knowledge on the materials and craft of Blacker’s flies has reached the highest level. Both the owner of the Trilogy and salmon fly enthusiast have now the chance to add one of these flies to their collection. 

Alberto Calzolari is an internationally known fly tier, lecturer and columnist with a special passion for historical research on classic flies and fly tying materials. Many of his flies are in museums or private collections and many others are represented on magazines and books, among them The History of Fly Fishing by Andrew Herd, Fly Tiers of the World by Steve Thornton and Classic Salmon Fly Patterns by M. Radencich. He is one of the team members who worked on the The Blacker Trilogy, on the book trilogy on the life, books and flies of the iconic mid 19th Century Irish fly tier William Blacker, together with Andrew Herd, Hermann Dietrich-Troeltsch and the editor Jon Ward-Allen.

The flies will be tied upon your order. Please allow between 2 to 3 weeks for the fly to be shipped. Feel free to contact us for any enquiry or clarification.

Dressing for the Shannon #9 as described by Blacker on 1843 Art of Fly Making.

Body: Piece of floss silk, tip of gold, and orange or gold colour tag of silk, black ostrich, ribbed with flat gold, and double silver twist. Legs: Wine purple, or puce hackle, from the tail to the shoulder, a claret and orange rolled round the trottle, jay over the head. Wings: Dyed mallard, light spotted turkey tail, bustard, teal, and guinea hen, golden pheasant tail, neck and crest feather, peacock wing and sword feathers, mixed with green and yellow macaw body feathers, feelers of blue and yellow macaw tail feather, king-fisher, the splendid trojan, and cock of the rock. Tail: Golden pheasant neck feather broken, and tied on with a topping; black ostrich harl head. Hook: No. 6 or 7, (these may be varied from bb up to no. 5, Limerick).

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