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The arctic fox, widespread in all the lands of the Arctic circle, is a small animal, with long and dense hair and a particularly thick tail. There are two colours phases for this species, the summer one characterised by a dark color between brown and grey, and the winter one, tending to white. The summer one is called Mutation Fox, the winter one is Blue Fox or Shadow Fox. In a similar way to the polar bear, when the cold comes, the arctic fox changes its coat to adapt to the winter season in order to survive between snow and ice.

As with the red and grey foxes, the hair of the arctic fox has two main uses in the dressing of artificial flies. The long hairs of the tail and more generally those of the back, have a very interesting and natural movement in water, they are used mainly to tie streamers and hairwings flies. While the underfur, softer, can be used to tie bodies of trout flies. The Arctic Shadow Fox Zonker is particularly suitable for dyeing and offers bright and homogeneous colours. Available in fourteen color variations.

The Zonker is a consolidated streamer, simple to tie, very captivating. Once immersed in water it comes to life thanks to arctic fox fibres, very mobile, animated by the current and by the fishing action. Excellent for both sea and fresh water. By varying the colours it is possible to obtain shades that allow you to face any fishing situation.