Tra la Coda e Coda e la Mosca

- Author Massimo Magliocco
- Self Published
- Year 2020
- First Edition
- New Condition
- Soft Cover
- Pages 160
- 60 Colour Illustrations
- Language Italian
- Pages 256
- Size cm 24x17
- ISBN 978-88-31682-44-2

Ref.: 978-88-31682-44-2

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28.00 €

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An in-depth analysis of the fly leader which is often considered to be the last component of fly gear. Massimo Magliocco, with his latest work Tra la Coda e Coda e la Mosca, went into detail analysing the materials with which the fly leaders are produced, the history, the analysis of the profiles of the most important fly fishermen in the world and more, all detailed through over 60 illustrations, diagrams, tables and explanatory graphs in order to make everything extremely clear, for both the beginner and the expert. A book where the fly leader topic has no more secrets.

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