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The Feather Mechanic II: Beyond The Pattern

- Author Gordon Van Der Spuy
- Year 2023
- First Edition
- New Condition
- Soft Cover
- Hundreds of Colour Photographs
- Over 200 Hand-Drawn Pictures.
- Language English
- Pages 300 approx
- Size 169 x 240mm
- ISBN 978063978442

Ref.: 978-0-6397-8442

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In The Feather Mechanic 2 we go on a fly tying journey with some of the best tyers on the planet. They take us through their thought processes behind the patterns they write about and unpack the details behind what makes these flies the killer fishing tools that they are.

Contributors include Wayne Luallen, Vladimir Petrovic, Daniel Duane, Walter Reisinger, Hans van Klinken, Tim Rolston, Luis Meana Baeza, Umberto Oreglini, Jay Lee, Davy Wotton, Marcelo Morales, Jonathan Antunez, Mike Lawson, Leon Links, Barry Ord Clarke, Michael Olesen, Steven Fernandez.

300 pages of Colour Photographs, Colour Illustrations and over 200 Hand-Drawn Pictures.

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