Fishing the Nymph

- Author Jim Quick
- Publisher The Ronald Press Company
- Year 1960
- First Edition
- Good Condition
- Hardback with Dust Wrapper
- b/w Illustration
- Language English
- Pages 139
- Size cm 26 x 17

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Fishing The Nymph of Jim Quick is a book for every fisherman who is looking for new approaches to his favorite pursuit. Written by a veteran angler with a reputation for consistent success where others fail, it gives important and helpful advice on every phase of fishing the nymph for trout. Without going into the intricate entomological details, it gives the fisherman the necessary background on the life and habits of the more important nymph species. It then goes on to deal with selection of lures and other tackle, casting, stream reading, knot tying, and fly building in short, with every aspect of interest to the practical angler.

Fishing The Nymph of Jim Quick features 22 composite line drawings by the author, each illustrating some phase of the fisherman's art. The subjects of these illustrations range from the life cycle of the nymph to methods of preparing forms for flattened nymph bodies in fly tying. The book ends with a dictionary of 75 types of flies commonly used in fishing the nymph. Each is illustrated, and a list of materials and the colours necessary to its construction is given.

Jim Quick, who died shortly before this book came off the press, was a lifelong fisherman who specialised in his latter years in expert advice to the sportsman, including instruction in angling methods and the selection of fine tackle. He is the author of Trout Fishing and Trout Flies.

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