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Woodcock Full Skin

- Full Skin

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There is no part of a whole woodcock that cannot be used by a good fly tier, as Skues wrote in 1950 in his Silk, Fur and Feathers. Any feather of this wonderful animal is useful for tying wet flies, those taken from the neck, from the back or from the chest and, of course, from the wings. From the primary and secondary wings we can use feather sections to create winged versions of many classic flies such as the March Brown or the Hare's Ear Sedges, while from the shoulder the soft upper and lower coverts are highly sought after for many wet fly patterns of the North Country tradition. Almost all the authors of the last few centuries have described the use of woodcock feathers in various of their dressings, from Ronalds and Blacker to Francis Francis or Pritt, to name a few.

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