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Thermal Water Bottle Stainless Steel

- Double Layer Stainless Steel
- Long Lasting Insulation
- Portable and Convenient
- Capacity 500 Millilitres
- Size 26,5 x 6,8 Centimetres

Ref.: 54ds-wb-inox

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16.90 €

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“The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for” Ernest Hemingway.

Protecting nature is not a fashion, it is a damn important task that we should all aim for. Being a company without plastic is far from simple and direct, but we know that everything starts from small steps and daily commitments. A reusable water bottle, as our Thermal Water Bottle Stainless Steel is a good way to start and so we thought to add these affordable and durable water bottles to our offer. Grab one and take it with you on the river, it is the first gesture to protect it from plastic pollution. And if you already own one, no matter the brand, just save your money and use the one you have. The fight for your earth is not a matter of brands.

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