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Propic Markers Fly Tier Collection

- 10 Colors Full Selection
- Deluxe Case
- Translucent
- Double Tip
- Fast Drying

Ref.: 54DS-PM-FTC

55.00 € 55.0 EUR

55.00 €

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Propic Markers are the best choice to dye all kind of materials, Threads, Foam, Synthetic Fibers or Vinylic Extended Body. They are translucent and with a very fast drying. Double tipped, a thinner one for small fly details and a flat tip that is larger for a faster dye of bigger surfaces.This is also another example of "54DS's selection". 10 colors, in a "all you can tie" color grading system, to have every mayfly covered. 

Use our double tip Propic Markers with the Mayfly Extended Body Tool, the Extended Body Tool Straight , or to dye any other synthetic or natural material and create your perfect fishable piece of art.

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