English Red Grouse Full Skin

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English Red Grouse Full Skin provides a great source for attractive feathers. It would be nice to think that modern fly dressers might once again make full use of the old traditional materials, not only in the dressing of standard artificial flies, but also in developing new dressings of their own. The body, wing and tail feathers from the Red Grouse Full Skin offer the tier beautifully mottled dark plumage.

Red Grouse Full Skin feathers can be used to tie the legendary North Country Flies as Black Game, Little Black, Grouse Quill, Dark Grouse, Dark Moor Game, Michael Theakston's Freckled Dun, Greenwell's Glory, Poult Bloa, Grouse and Green, Grouse and Claret. Red Grouse likewise the Black Grouse in the past was widespread throughout the United Kingdom and were readily available to the North-country fly-dresser of the last century. Now a very hard to fine material.