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Extended Body Tool Kit

- 1 Double MayFly Extended Body Tool
- 1 Extended Body Tool Straight
- 1 Needle
- 1 Glove
- Made in Germany

Ref.: 54DS-EBTK

35.00 € 35.0 EUR

35.00 €

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With these tools you can create beautiful mayfly bodies or straight bodies as showed by Barry Ord Clarke. An exquisite vinyl extended body tool kit made by the genius of Erwin Tibad. With the Mayfly Extended Body Tool you can create beautiful mayfly bodies, very realistic and at the same time functional. The special tapered shape allows the creation of bodies with a perfect taper. This tool has two sides, one for bigger bodies and one for the smaller ones.The Extended Bodies made with this tool are translucent and hollow, this increase imitativeness and buoyancy. With the straight tool you can create Cranefly/Daddy long legs bodies.

The realization is simple, just take a little strip from a vinyl glove and wrap it on the tool starting from the thinnest part where there is a hole to fix the strip, once you reached the proper length heat everything using the special Extended Body Tool Oven. In few seconds the abdomen will be ready, perfectly glued and resistant. At this point the extended body can be extracted from the tool and is ready to be colored as desired, using the special indelible Propic Markers or something similar. Use the needle included to make a little hole for the tails if needed.

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