Display Fly Box Small

- Transparent
- Lightweight
- Robust
- Easy to Open
- Internal Measure 89mm x 55mm x 10mm

Ref.: 54ds-dfb-s

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2.50 €

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These boxes are easy to store, even in low drawers, and they pile up nicely to create a well stored archive. The small ones perfectly fit a business card to create a small presentation box for your giveaway flies or for your collectable specimen. Again, these boxes are super easy to open and close and they withstand hundreds of opening without showing any sign of wear.

When you consider the cost of a properly made salmon flies, including hook, gut, silk, tinsels and feathers – not to forget the time involved – you will agree the price of these protective boxes is reasonable. But if all these features here above weren’t enough you would please consider an additional use for your materials, sometimes more precious than the fly itself. With or without a layer of the usual wool mat, these display fly boxes can be used to store and protect small feathers of every sort. Try them to keep selections of tiny feathers, sections of wings or even whole wings ready to dress a nice fly. They are perfectly suited to accommodate ready to use Golden Pheasant crests: lay them on their sides, in bunches, from the same head or divided and selected according to size. These multipurpose boxes really offer a wide variety of uses and they can be a perfect ally for the serious fly tiers or collectors.

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